What is vital, isn’t always humane

Tomorrow’s Berlin and Slipknot, and I’m trying in vain to hype myself up about it. But the truth is… I have to be on a goddamn tram at half past six in the morning, to get a train at seven, to get a plane at nine, to land at half past ten… and not be able to check into my hotel until three that afternoon. Now who the hell though that would be a good idea? Argh.

Plus, I’m really not keen on wandering around Berlin on my own, you know? I’m not the most confident person in the world (or at all), and talking to people frightens me enough when it’s in English, let alone German. Which, coincidently, I do not speak.

Slipknot will be awesome. I just need to get to that point. You know… finding my way to the venue. Sigh.


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