The Anti-Social Network

So, one day, when I’m bored enough but somehow motivated (so… not now, while I’m just bored), I’ll write some reviews of… stuff… ie. A Thousand Suns (better late than never, right?) and The Smashing Pumpkins gig I went to recently (here’s a tip… never go to watch Billy Corgan after half a bottle of tequila…)… you know… because… well, just because. And though the idea that people will READ said reviews and absolutely revel in my opinions (ha), I know that I’ll be lucky to even have ONE person stumble across this. But, you know… maybe… eventually… hmm anyway.

Yes, I am bored, and there was a point to this… somewhere… oh yeah, The Social Network. Advanced screening tomorrow night… thoughts on it the night after.

… woop woop. Free stuff.


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